Longview Brass & Aluminum Quality Control

Longview Brass and Aluminum utilizes SPC Quality Control practices to assure product quality and our continued ability to meet the increasing demands of our customers. LBA’s customers have always been amazed with our low number of defects. In addition to quality, our facility and manpower is capable of producing 100 molds per hour and often gets orders poured, finished, and out the door in 48 hours if needed.

As dictated by the complexity of product design, manufacturing techniques used, and customer requirements, written quality procedures have been implemented into our Quality Control program to better serve our clients.

The steps covered in our Quality Control program include:

  • Receiving and identifying all raw materials when they come into our foundry
  • Controlled storage and use of all raw materials
  • Daily production spot inspections are performed at different stations of the manufacturing process to reduce and eliminate the number of defective products
  • Before any castings are shipped, a visual inspection is performed.  This inspection checks for cold runs, shifts, swells, shrinkage, incomplete casting, scabs, dirt, warping, flash, dross, improper grinding, or other defects.  Castings are dimensionally inspected at this time.
  • Packing, storage and shipment of each order