Brass and Aluminum Molding

Molds are used to create the shape that is filled with molten metal and ultimately forms the aluminum casting. Longview Brass and Aluminum produces up to 100 molds per hour. In addition to green sand molding, we also utilize a no-bake technique for smaller quantities and uncommon sizes.

Green Sand Molding

Longview Brass and Aluminum has (2) Hunter, HMP-20, Automatic match plate molding machines. This allows our foundry to produce green sand castings with consistent speed and quality. The main advantage to using green sand moldings is that green sand can be continuously recycled. Once used, the sand is screened, mulled and then water is added to return it to the correct moisture level.

No-bake Molding

As with our no-bake cores, no-bake molds are made by mixing sand with a chemical binder/catalyst system and are expendable. The no-bake molds are then poured into a flask and allowed to form at room temperature. No-bake molds tend to produce a better surface finish than green sand molds.