About Longview Brass & Aluminum Foundry

Longview Brass and Aluminum was started by W.G. Coley Sr. in 1947. As the business grew, he passed on his vast knowledge of castings to his two sons. His son Alton coupled that knowledge with strong ambition and set his sights on growing LBA to an even larger operation. He and his brother Bill capitalized on that ambition by partnering together for nearly three decades and built a larger and very loyal customer base.

Alton played a key role in transforming the foundry from a small operation utilizing manual molding techniques, to a much larger operation that utilizes automatic match plate mold machines for higher production capabilities. He personally set-up the plant in its current configuration based on past knowledge and needs for improvement. Every process in the plant has been meticulously scrutinized and refined by Alton to ensure efficiency and consistency.

Today, Alton and his son Clint, work closely together to oversee the entire operation and continue to grow the operation for the next 60 years.